NPP Spectr —
we develope and produce
special enamels

About company

NPP Spectr Ltd was founded 15 years ago and for our excellent work we reached leading positions among Russian producers of heat-resistant anticorrosive coatings. Company managed to start production of coatings at the level of European standards regards to continuous evolving and using own original ideas based on accumulated experience.

The main basis is that we develope and produce paint products for the military-industrial complex, nuclear industry, oil and gas sector, electrical and transport engineering, shipbuilding plants of the Russian Federation and CIS.

Friends and partners recommend us and we highly appreciate it.

For now we produce more than 40 kinds of coatings: thermostable, chemical, water resistant, radiation-proof, anti-corrosion and other special materials for different types of surfaces.

We are a team—minded people. We love our job. We rely on ourselfs and our strength. We take projects we can deal with. We want to be the best in service quality for our clients.


We produce enamel for more than 15 years. The properties of each component of the paint - pigment, filler, film - affect the characteristics and quality of the final product. Therefore, we use raw materials of our own production and raw materials of the best world producers, which has passed strict entrance control in our own laboratory, and we don't cut expenses on ingredients.

The physical and mechanical characteristics of the enamel are carefully checked in our own laboratory under the supervision of the chief technologist, PhD in Engineering sciences, Svetlana Tolstosheyeva. We check each consignment to exclude even a small defects.

CERTA paints demonstrates the best results in the thermostable segment of anticorrosive enamels according to the test results.

Our projects